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You are a magician Laurie! You can do anything. You make every issue of our magazine better from cover to cover and you do it on time, while designing, laying out, and even editing the copy.  Our readers and advertisers have commented how much they look forward to every issue of THE P.R.E. HORSE now that you are the woman in charge. When we ask you to do some other project you take our crazy ideas, and turn them into understandable design concepts that get the message across in an elegant and exciting way.  The response to the new logo you designed was amazing. Everyone loved it.  We very much appreciate working with someone so professional and talented.
Laurie, I must say THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  You have done a fabulous job designing the IALHA National Show Program again this year. You are a great to work with and provide top notch service and quality product. Even the printer we use, commends you on the professionalism and detail you put into our show program. I will be recommending you to anyone that asks me about program or advertising design,  you are the best.
Laurie always has cutting edge ideas and great artistic vision which shows in everything she designs.  She has designed 5 logos for all 5 companies owned by Dr. Brendan Furlong, each incorporating the famous “Magnus” in all of them, which was very important to Dr. Furlong being that was the first horse he bought for his wife Dr. Wendy Leich.  Her most recent endeavor is the web site of Shelbourne Farm Stallions; I can only say….amazing. I love Laurie’s style and I can honestly say I can never go wrong with her intuitiveness, her vision, her creativity and all the bells and whistles that go with such talent. Laurie is my Gem, and never fails to amaze and wow me!

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Laurie Monroe was Editor, Chief Graphic Artist and Contributing Writer for Today’s Horse Trader Magazine. Her work was always beautiful, elegant and, most important in a world of expensive deadlines, On Time!  She was honest, responsible and professional. Her advertising designs were precise for our printers, gorgeous for our clients and enticing for our readers. No excuses ever – if a technical problem arose, Laurie was able to solve it, even if it took extra hours late into the night.  Laurie was always in communication, available and willing to give honest opinions and thoughts, as well as having great story ideas, research and so much more. Her articles were professionally written, with the addition of a writer’s passion – we always received positive reader feedback on her stories.  I could not praise her work highly enough. You would be lucky indeed to have her join your business.
Laurie has been in charge of my advertising and web-design needs for the last 15 years. She has done a monumentally good job at keeping her ads fresh and interesting, and my stallion has appreciated her efforts as well, particularly when ad, web, and facebook efforts result in additional interest in him!
Jutta Heinsohn, Adsagsona Farm