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When it comes to designing logos, I like to take a collaborative approach. As the customer, you know what you want to 'convey' in your logo design.  It is my job to listen to your message and then interpret the design to convey that message in a simple and lasting way.  Simplicity it always best and I like to look at how we can "extend" the logo to be used as a 'brand' for your products or services where possible. When a specific look is required and I cannot personally 'draw' it (a trained artist, I am not), I collaborate with artists to come up with the specific image I am envisioning to incorporate into the design, and in some cases, all I may do is 'perfect' it! Prices for logos vary depending on the depth of work required to render it, and whether or not you want to own exclusive rights to it in the end!  Prices can range from $175 - $2,500. Contact me for more information and pricing!