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Responsive Advertising Design

Copy is an important tool in advertising and combining your copy with an attention getting or welcoming design [color or greyscale media] can make all the difference in getting your message across. Do you have a special event, program, show, animal or equine partner to promote /sell?


Powerful Logos

GrafX by Laurie will work with you on a clean, impactful, and powerful branding image that can be used to well identify your product, service, or company!  We work independently or in cooperation with artists, depending on the desired design. As a team, we will design and produce a logo that will speak to your vision. A logo “defines” your presence, whether in advertising or on the web – people will come to know you from the design.

Innovative Site Design

GrafX by Laurie draws upon the expertise of knowledgeable and creative people that will provide options to help make your web presence unique and innovative. In today’s market just having an attractive web site won’t necessarily cut it anymore. Your site should download quickly, navigate easily, be compatible with popular browsers, and be portable-device centric. Your site should make the right first impression in order to attract a potential client’s interest and prolong their stay.

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Why GrafX by Laurie

        • “Artistry in Design!”
        • Simplicity of concepts
        • Visually rich content
        • Collaborative mindset

One Project At A Time

Deliver a quality product, on time!
Do what needs to be done with integrity, and collaborate as necessary.
A procrastinator by nature, some of my best work has been delivered within a tight deadline!  We deliver our projects on time, with quality, and will not take on a paid project we cannot deliver in a timely fashion!

Our Happy Clients